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Procrastination is not a crime...

For those of you not familiar with the significance of this segment of a PhD, it's what I like to refer to as "panic time" (Often also colloquially referred to as "Oh fuck" and/or "bollocks! o'clock"). Although the etymology of this phrase is not completely understood, it is generally accepted to be called this because I'VE ONLY GOT THREE WEEKS LEFT BEFORE THE IBAGS* CONFERENCE IN SEPTEMBER AND ITS STILL NOT BLOODY WORKING. I'VE GOT TO PRESENT A POSTER TO PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT I'M GOING TO BE TALKING ABOUT AND I CAN'T BULLSHIT THAT AND I STILL HAVEN'T GOT ANYWHERE NEAR WHERE I NEED TO BE AND ITS ALL GONE WRONG AND ITS NOT WORKING AND stuff like that, now where did I leave that ketamine? In essence, I've got my own bodyweight in research to do and sod all time to do it in.

Why can't I just be a forward-planning type person like all the other boys and girls...? Who'd've thought a PhD in neuroscience would be hard anyway? I was kind a hoping that I might be their millionth customer and that they might give me one for free... no such luck. Oh well, I suppose I'd better do some work then :-(

Anyway, don't expect to hear another peep from me until mid-September... unless I get bored and decide to do something else... which is quite likely.... in fact, forget I said anything.

Meh, as they say.

* - That would be the International BAsal Ganglia Society, don't cha know...

Darren Hoyland, Saturday 11 August, 2007
Tags: ibags, general mutterings, phd