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Last Christmas.

No, this isn't the start of a wham song, but it is a blast from the past.

My mates from Grimsby who I went to school with (most of 'em anyway) and I have something of an annual tradition - we like to ruin xmas.

Last year, I excelled myself, and just to prove it, here's an excerpt from an email I sent around to some other mates after xmas last year in my pre-blogging days:

Went for a curry on xmas eve, ended up at Grimsby's premier (only) strip club (very classy). Drunk enough to phone girlfriend to tell her about this ("'Cos she'll be fine about it lads, she'll think it's funny - honestly...."). Girlfriend meanwhile getting hassle from her extended family for not seeing anyone Iranian and/or loaded, and for some reason didn't appreciate receiving said phone call from someone she's just spent the last 3 hours defending. Went to bed, woke up after a mere 4 hours sleep with a screaming hangover to an equally screaming girlfriend on phone telling me I've ruined xmas. Had xmas lunch for breakfast, with mum telling me I've ruined xmas.

Hopefully, I can do better this year :-)

Darren Hoyland, Sunday 23 December, 2007
Tags: general mutterings, tales of ineptitude, xmas