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IBAGS and Eyebags

Brief synopsis of first day of conference: Arrived here for 9pm, marvelled at huge room, drank, learned Dutch for "Thankyou" ("Danku"), forgot toothpaste, noted significant lack of free toothpaste in room, slept, woke up, ate, bought toothpaste, got bombarded by neuroscience, panicked that I really didn't know enough neuroscience to be talking to these people, ate, put up poster, found lots of mistakes in poster, sighed, went to lectures, got bombarded by more neuroscience, found internet connected PC, wrote this.

I'm here 'til Thursday, then I'm off the Amsterdam to destroy any traitorous brain cells that have learned anything.

Darren Hoyland, Monday 03 September, 2007
Tags: ibags, worky stuff