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House buying

For the last three months, I've been stressed out because of two things. The first was work and the fact that it was refusing to live up to its name (nothing was working). As of a few days ago, things have starting going in the right direction again.

Meanwhile, I also have been trying to buy a house. This has been nothing but hassle. I spent about three quarters of the year looking for a place and putting offers on houses that would end up going for about three times as much. About a million years ago (well, on the 25 March 2007, to be precise), I found a flat I liked that was cheap, was right next to the uni and had rooms I could rent out. Best of all (although I can see this being a problem when I come to sell it), it didn't have any other offers on it.

The reason for this is that it's an ex-council property. I must admit, first time I saw it, I thought it was going to be a shit-hole filled with scumbags, but when I arrived I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be spacious and full of potential... not "full of potential" in the way that estate agents use to describe somewhere that's falling apart, but "full of potential" as in full of potential.

I put an offer on straight away and my problems haven't stopped since. Initially, I had mortgage troubles (either I couldn't get one because I was a student, or because the flat was a high rise and they wouldn't lend for that, usually though, it was both), and then the seller started making my life hell. House buying is notorious for being stressful at the best of times (i.e. NOT while simultaneously attempting to do a PhD), but the seller is the shiftiest git you could imagine. He accepted a slighlty lower offer for the property and ever since he has been trying to recoup his 'losses' by fobbing off his unpaid bills and whatever on me. When he accepted the offer, we'd both stated that we were after a quick sale, but so far, it's taken over three months! In that time, he's fired his solicitor because he thinks he can do a better job and has tried to con me at every opportunity. If this place wasn't so nice and if we hadn''ve spent so much on solicitors, I would have told him to fuck off by now.

I've just been told that the completion date will probably be tomorrow. I'll believe that one when I see it.

Darren Hoyland, Thursday 05 July, 2007
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