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Flat chance

You know when you reach a stage of a process and you sit back and think "It's all downhill from here" and you might even risk a "what could possibly go wrong?". Well that's where I was on Friday afternoon with the flat, and then it fell apart.

I've got today as the 11th hour last-ditch attempt before my financial backers (a less endearing way of describing my parents) pull out and the guy I'm supposingly buying off seems less and less interested in selling the place. After 3 months of whining about wanting a quick sale, despite being the cause of the slow sale (i.e. not paying his bills, etc), he seems to think that he can now get a much better price for the place and is doing his upmost to fuck it all up. His latest party trick involves not providing any proof of who he is, so my solicitors can't check that he even owns the bloody place.

My solicitor, having recently been promoted to "thorn in the sale's side" status after losing no end of paper work, has decided to piss off on holiday giving me approximately 20 minutes notice that she was off, and her replacement now has his stuff as well as her stuff to deal with. This has dragged on for so long that I've given the seller an ultimatum: sort out what my solicitors tell you to do by the end of Monday (well, I'll actually give him 'til Tuesday) or we'll remove our offer. I'm giving this a 10% chance of sucess, especially because he keeps dropping in in conversation that he's had it revalued and has had much better offers for it. This isn't having the desired effect as A) if he's bluffing then he's wasting my time as there's no need - it's him holding things up 'cos I'm playing this one by the book and B) if he's not bluffing, then I'm most pissed off that he's actively trying to get more for it behind my back, so I don't want him to have my money.

And from the ashes rises a new possibility. If this all goes through, I might end up moving in with Marj. We discussed it last night and it sounds like a great idea. It is in Manchester though, and Manchester smells, but the pros definately outweight the cons. There is the whole issue of her parents specifically fobidding this until we're engaged which is all a little outdated and insulting, but I guess its a different culture and all that. Besides, I've been thinking along those lines recently anyway - I just don't want Marj to think I'm doing it just to keep her old folks happy...

Darren Hoyland, Monday 09 July, 2007
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