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"Closure" (as they say on the other side of the pond)

Okay, flat's off - moving in with Marj is on.

This did present me with the ideal opportunity to send a nasty letter and I do like sending nasty letters. Unfortunately, I read it out to my mum and she said that I shouldn't drop down to his level. Actually, I thought it presented the ideal opportunity to drop down to his level. After weeks of being nice to someone you can actually see trying their damnedest to milk the situation for every last penny and who constantly tells you how generous they are whilst doing so, and then having the chance to tell him what I think of him, I think I was well within my rights to inflict a few choice words upon him. Besides, I don't see the problem with the line "...you are either stubborn to the point of ineptitude or are trying to con money out of me...", nor with ending the email, "Up yours sincerely". Oh well, you've gotta keep the old dears happy and all that.

Anyway, this is what was sent:

"Mr Vegfli*,

I am writing to inform you that you have given me no alternative but to withdraw my offer to purchase 70 Mitchell Street, as your refusal to provide the necessary legal information as vendor of the property makes it impossible for me to complete the purchase.

My solicitors and myself, together with your estate agent, have made every possible effort to obtain the information from you in order to complete the purchase, but you have repeatedly refused to comply with all requests that would enable the purchase to go ahead, and indeed have made it impossible for anyone to contact you either in person or by telephone in recent days. We have been trying to complete the purchase for almost a week now, but you appear to have provided incorrect information about payment of bills to my solicitor and then have blocked us from talking to the Council to clarify matters, and have also failed to provide even basic information concerning your identity. This means that it is impossible for me (and it will be for anyone else) to complete the purchase.

On the date we were supposed to complete the sale, you proudly announced that you considered you could get more for the property and were showing other possible purchasers round. This, despite the fact that you had agreed a fair price for the property, and the fact that we had reached the actual proposed date of completion.

I consider your behaviour to be totally unacceptable and untrustworthy. You have cost me an enormous amount of money in search fees, legal fees and other costs which will take me a long time to pay back. The time I wasted nor the trust I placed in you, however, I will never get back.

I only hope that you don't do this to anyone else.


In actual fact, I think he's getting off lightly with this version. In mine, I listed all the things he'd done:

How he expected any of this to get passed my solicitors I do not know and I can only assume that this is why he tried to persuade me to ditch mine too.


* - I purposely spelled his name wrong. Heh heh. He's selling a flat on 70, Mitchell Street... Just in case anyone's thinking about buying it off him. You have been warned! :-)

Darren Hoyland, Thursday 12 July, 2007
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