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Autonomouse is dead, long live Autonomouse!

Okay, so the first several incarnations of this website appeared to have failed miserably.

I began this site when I started my MSc in computery stuff thinking something along the lines of, "Wouldn't it be nice to have a website for my friends and I to keep in touch, even if we've drifted apart, lost each other's mobile numbers, etc. And wouldn't it be nice to have somewhere for all of us to upload photos and videos and leave offensive jokes and slightly less offensive messages for each other."

Back then, it probably would have been, but it took me so long to create the site (from scratch, as opposed to being clever and using a website content management system like XOOPS or whatever) that by the time I had a working prototype (i.e. minus associated bells and whistles), some other people who were better than me in all things geek, had gone and built Facebook. Although MySpace had been kicking around for a while, I'd always regarded it as being for 15 year olds or for bad people who wanted to associate with fifteen year olds despite being over 40 (I've since revised my opinion and have a MySpace page myself - at the time of writing, I have not approached or been approached by any fifteen year olds, so that's okay then). So by the time Autonomouse was fully up and running, the whole Facebook thing had taken off and as Pete, my mate from back home, so eloquently put it, "Your website is alright, but it's just like Facebook, but without the fanny". Quite.

So everything my site could do, other sites could do better and not even the forum, with such intellectually probing questions as "Who would win in a fight between a horse sized duck and 100 duck-sized horses* " or "How much of your body do you think you could lose before your girlfriend would dump you", could save it. All in all, my website died primarily because....well.... it was shit.

So balls to the lot of you - I've paid for the site, so I'm damned well gonna use it! Darren's blog is born!

* - I swiped this from the London Metro, ages ago. Pure genius.

Darren Hoyland, Sunday 01 July, 2007
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